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Renew Biomass M Fiber
State-of-the-art quality
As Eric Allphin, our director of agriculture,
has mentioned before quality starts in the
field but rest assured it does not stop
We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing
facility designed specifically by Midwest
Process Solutions (a leader in plant
engineering and build services) for
Miscanthus. Our manufacturing facility,
located in Aurora, Mo., has been running
for right at a year now, and man what a
year that has been.  
When David Corley and his team at us to
discuss the design and layout of our
When David Corley and his team at new
manufacturing facility, it became Midwest
Process Solutions sat down with Midwest
Process Solutions sat down with us to
discuss the design and layout of our new
manufacturing facility, it became clear, no
one had ever tackled Miscanthus like this
before. Partnering with experts in the
industry, allowed us to get right to work, a
decision that quickly paid off.  
Miscanthus, unlike other crops, is a solid
stem, light product. Having expertise
throughout the process was invaluable to
making sure we were on the right track.
We quickly identified that the nature of
considered every step of the way and
continue to consider in every decision.
One of the challenges that we faced from
the start is the bulk density of ground
Miscanthus. So in response we worked
with David Corley to design a bagging
system that allows M-Fiber to load a truck
to full weight. We utilize a specially
designed high density tote bagger to
package our product, keeping shipping
cost in mind.
Today, our manufacturing facility is
capable of processing 9 tons an hour
while maintaining product consistency. We
are able to process a variety of grits and
grades to meet the specifications of any
job. You will find that our state-of-the-art
facility, managed by high-quality trained
personnel, is always focused on the
quality of our end product. We invite you
to come take a tour of our facility.  
Product Recovery and
A Fortune 100 food processor installed
a product recovery system to recycle
pallets of bags, pallets of boxes, and
gaylord totes of finished product that
was not properly packaged. The
product from leaking containers is
recyled instead of being sent out to
animal feed. The material is recycled
via a high lift dumper that dumps the
material into a receiving hopper. The
packages are separated from using a
"Product Saver" screw press and then
the packaging material is screened
from the product utilizing a rotary scalp
screener. Recovered sifted product
goes through metal detection before it
is utilized. The entire process is under
a negative so there is no dust created.
With this system installed, there is
significant cost and labor savings.
Listed below is article from one of our
great customers. Please go to
to learn more about M Fiber.
Compost and Mulch
Processing Facility
Feed and Pet Food Ingredient
Production Facility
This project involved raw material storage
and pneumatic transfer of bulk materials to
a rotary dryer. The dried product is size
classified and then packaged per customer
specific requirements.
overhead self cleaning magnet utilizing
a inclined belt conveyor to feed a large
rotary screener to produce mulch and
compost products for retail markets